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JAI JAI-37 Mikhail Yefimov
JAI-37 “Mikhail Yefimov” (Russian: ХАИ-37 "Михаил Ефимов") was an ultralight aircraft developed at the AKA of the JAI.
Structurally, the JAI-37 was conceived as a high-wing braced monoplane of mixed construction. The ailerons were located at the wing tips. These ailerons appeared as increases to the wingspan.
A modified "Vijr-30" naval engine with air cooling was used as the power plant for this implementation and with a takeoff power of about 28 hp.
The JAI-37, named Mikhail Yefimov, was built in 1982 by a group of JAI students from a project developed by V. Dombrov, who also directed the construction. In this process, V. Kozhushnov, S. Kurinni, R. Sielix, M. Boiko and I. Tkach stood out.
First flying in 1980, as a glider, and August 1981 powered, tests were not good due to the lack of effectiveness of the wingtip ailerons.
Based on JAI-37, the improved JAI-37M model was developed with modified wings and tail and more standard placement of the ailerons. Later another model would be built, known as JAI-37M2.
The JAI-37M participated in the First SLA-85 Light Aviation Competition, but in this competition it did not fly.
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