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The JAI-34 in its original version
In 1980 a group of JAI students led by S. Shevko built the JAI-34 (Russian: ХАИ-34) biplane.
This model was designed as a biplane training aircraft and its design was influenced by the North American publication of the plans for the Wing-Ding ultralight aircraft.
The construction was led by students S. Shevchenko and V. Mielnik.
The JAI-34 was designed as a single-seater light aircraft with a biplane wing structure. The entire construction was made of wood, with the use of some metal structural elements. The wing featured an R-IIIA profile.
The control surfaces had a wooden frame with a percale coating and several layers of enamel.
The landing gear was tricycle, with steerable front wheel.
Originally the JAI-34 was equipped with a Jupiter engine, but it would not fly, limiting its use to ground running. Later an Izh-PZ engine was installed with which only a few jumps were made, due to the lack of power. With this engine the climb speed was only 0.5 m / s and flying in a circle was a real feat.
Finally, a Vijr-30 motor with an angle reducer would be installed, which gave it about 28 hp. The fuel system included a tank in the flat center with gravity feed from the engine. The type of fuel used was A-76 and MS-20 oil.
The pilot sat in a forward seat in the open cockpit. Behind, under the wing, was the engine. The instrument panel equipment included US-250 speedometer, VD-1 altimeter, VR-10 barometer, KI-13 compass, 2TTsT-47 thermometer.
The JAI-34's first flight took place in July 1984 with student N. Krikunienko at the controls.
The JAI-34 successfully participated in the first SLA-85 light aviation competition. The JHA command, led by B.Virski, received the “OK Antonov” grand prize awarded by this event for solving complex problems in the independent creation, professional orientation and organization of ultralight aircraft flights.
JAI-34 would participate in many other regional and national events.
Refuelling JAI-34 for a ski train flight.
The JAI-34M was built by the JAI SKB “Experiment”, led by VA Mielnik and made its maiden flight in September 1985.
The JAI-34M featured improved lines and greater comfort for the pilot.
The JAI-34M received flight approval in May 1991 and by June 1992, when it was destroyed, it accumulated 26 hours and 19 minutes of flight time. This specimen was entered in the register of the Federation of Aviation Lovers of the Kharkov Oblast on May 23, 1991, receiving registration number 16009.
This example was originally designed to use an MT-9 engine, but later it was re-powered by an RMZ-640 air-cooled piston engine capable of developing 28 hp at takeoff, moving a 1.6 meter diameter propeller. Unlike the original model, the wing consoles were designed with a D-16T duralumin light tube structure.
The JAI-34M featured notable improvements in aerodynamics.
The JAI-34M was delivered to the “Vzliet” Sports-Technical Center, directed by Vladimir Leontievich Goryunov.
On 7 June 1992 at 12:08 pm the plane was destroyed in a crash at the airfield Tomarovka, Goryunov losing his life.
During a flight in good weather and during a third turn, at a speed of about 80 km / h, the aircraft lost speed and entered a circular spin. After making 1.5 turns, the plane hit the ground.
According to the people who were at the scene, the engine never stopped working. The impact was made at about 100-120 km / h and the pilot died.
Remains of the JAI-34 crashed in 1992.
The commission that investigated the accident determined that the cause was attributable to the pilot, but prohibited the Federation of Aviation Lovers from allowing flights in this model until the spin tests were carried out.
Powerplant: 1 x 28 hp Vijr-30
Propeller Diameter: 1.3m
Propeller pitch: 600mm
Wingspan: 5.81 m
Wing area: 8.8 m²
Length: 4.8 m
Empty weight: 172 kg
Maximum takeoff weight: 237 kg
Maximum speed: 120 km / h
Cruising speed: 90 km / h
Crash speed: 62 km / h
Range: 100 km
Seats: 1
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