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The experience gained with the first devices conceived at SKB JAI showed the need not only to design them, but also to build them. In a period of three months the students under the direction of VV Reshetnikov and BL Zaslavski designed and built a second model that was named JAI-19 (Russian: ХАИ-19) in 1962.
In the design and construction of JAI-19, the students B. Zaslavski, S. Gotenkov, A. Sazonkin, V. Lyushnin and S. Reshetnikova stood out among others. Components and parts of the previous JAI-17 were used to build the aircraft.
The JAI-19 was a cantilever low-wing monoplane. The entire construction was made of wood. The fuselage was made up of a wooden structure with fabric covering.
The wings were rectangular in plane. The single-stringer construction was wood with fabric covering. The wingtips were made of plywood. The trailing edge featured conventional ailerons and flaps. The tail unit was of the conventional type, with a trapezoidal tail and a rectangular stabilizer.
The landing gear was a fixed tricycle type with a 1.20m span between the main landings. The front wheel was steerable.
The 30.5 hp M-61K motor with a gearbox was selected as the power plant, removed from the crashed JAI-17, with a 4-blade, variable pitch propeller. The fuel was stored in two 27-liter tanks and fed to the carburetor by gravity. Behind the engine was an open cabin for the crew member, protected by a small windshield.
Construction began in 1961 and lasted for three months. The first test flight was carried out by SKB director JAI V. Reshetnikov.
Between 1962 and 1963 VV Reshetnikov carried out several successful flights on the JAI-19, but completing the tests proved impossible and only achieved flight heights of 50 - 70 meters. The JAI-19 was shown at the RS Ukraine Achievement Exhibition.
Engine: a 30.5 hp M-61K
Wingspan: 7.50 m
Length: 5.20 m
Wing area: 9.50 m²
Empty weight: 200 kg
Maximum takeoff weight: 312 kg
Maximum speed: 140 km / h
Cruising speed: 120 km / h
Landing speed: 60 km / h
Practical range: 600 km
Practical ceiling: 2000 m
Take-off run: 200 m
Landing run: 120 m
Accommodation: 1
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