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The first aircraft built at the Kharkov Aviation Institute after the war was the JAI-17 (Russian: ХАИ-17). In 1957 a group of JHA students under the leadership of VV Reshetnikov decided to test their strength in the construction of a small sports plane. A circle of interest was created under the direction of teacher LD Arson to develop this project. OK Antonov decided to support the group. In his aviation factory an area was dedicated for production and in this place the students began to work on the construction of the aircraft.
The JAI-17 was conceived as a low-wing cantilever monoplane with a driving propeller, which considerably increased the effectiveness of the empennage and stabilizers.
The wings were straight, with a rectangular shape on the plane and slightly rounded ends. The wing consoles had a slight positive dihedral.
The tail unit was of the conventional type and was located at the end of a beam connected to the fuselage.
As the power plant, a 30.5 hp M-61K motorcycle engine was selected driving a four-bladed propeller with variable pitch. The engine was located just behind the cockpit.
The landing gear selected was a tricycle, with low height landing gear and a steerable front wheel.
The pilot was located in a closed cabin forward.
On 29 April 1959 the JAI-17, with VV Reshetnikov at the controls, made the first flight.
The tests showed that with a flight weight of 352 kg the aircraft reached 148 km / h and reached a ceiling of 2300 m.
On the second flight, the plane suffered an accident due to the inexperience of the pilot. The elements of the plane were used for the construction of the improved JAI-19.
The work of the students on this plane motivated the institute council to organize a Student Construction Bureau (SKB) at the JAI . The task of its creation was assigned to the teacher PV Dybski. VV Reshetnikov, who worked on the drafting of the statutes and the structure of the organization, was selected for the leadership of the bureau. In May 1959 the first SKB of Ukraine began operations. Ten students, participants in the projection and construction of the JAI-17 plane, received the medal "For the best scientific-student work in the USSR".
Engine: 30.5 hp M-61K engine
Wingspan: 8.60 m
Length: 5.40 m
Wing area: 10.50 m²
Maximum takeoff weight: 350 kg
Maximum speed: 148 km / h
Cruising speed: 115 km / h
Landing speed: 50 km / h
Range: 510 km
Ceiling: 2300 m
Accommodation: 1
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