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Jatho Motordrachen / Doppeldecker / Zweidecker I
Rebuilt from Karl Jatho’s earlier Dreidecker, which had been damaged on August 21, 1903, the Jatho Doppeldecker “Motordrachen” of 1903 was powered by a 9-12 hp Buchet motor, belt-drive pusher propeller.
Two Germans, Gustav Weisskopf and Karl Jatho, made the first motorized flight on August 14, 1901 with a 21-horsepower monoplane with 12 horses, a flight of 850 meters. The second was a similar performance on August 18, 1903.
It is on the moor of Vahrenfelder, that Karl Jatho flew 18 meters, rising to 1 meter of height, with his biplane type "Zweidecker I". The propulsion was from a two-bladed propeller and single-cylinder Buchet engine of 9 horses.
Engine: Buchet, 9-12 hp
Wingspan: 8 m
Wing area: 36 sq.m
Length: 3.6 m
Height: 1.78 m

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