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Jurkštas RJ-2
In 1998 Jurkštas started the construction of the plane named JR biplane - 2, although it more often fellow aviators called it "Biukeriu" because the similarity to the German aircraft. Jurkštas does not deny the similarity, but argues that the design that the detailed drawings, were followed by five years was work.
The JR-2 is an ultra-light wooden structure biplane. The front part of the fuselage is covered with oilcloth, and the rear with canvas. The front by the engine hss duralumin coated tin. There is a technical requirement that this place is not flammable. The bonnet is formed of glass material.
Wooden structure has two wings spars. The front part of the first spar coated oilcloth. Next frame covered with canvas wings. The upper wings are connected on duraliminio pipes. The lower wings attach to the trunk connectors with 2.5 mm thick stainless steel plates. The wings are tensioned with 5.6 mm diameter steel guys.
The stabilizer and fin also has two spars. Their profile is NACA 0009. Until the first spar they are oilcloth covered, the rest is canvas. The rudder is coated with canvas. Wheels 350X135 came from a L-13 Blanik glider.
The wood was gathered in one of Silutes sawmills by R.Jurkštas. Jurkštas said that it was created by looking at a Piper Cub.
An air-cooled VW 1600 engine turns a constant pitch 1.52 m diameter propellor, which is made of laminated wood. The pitch is 0.92 m . The engine is 65 hp, maximum shaft speed of 4600 rev / min. The engine cost 250 litas.
The fuel tank is installed in the front of the fuselage. Its capacity of 23 liters. It is attached with duralumin screw bands.
The Lithuanian biplane was completed in 2003, and the first flight was on June 23, 2004, piloted by R.Jurkštas. After the first tests, it was decided that the aircraft would better suit a larger diameter and pitch propeller. That improved its flight characteristics. R.Jurkštas flew more than 60 hours.


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