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JAG Twin Jag
The Twin Jag project started life as a completed RV-6A, which was built and flew for 250 hours.
Some modifications include, but not limited to:

1. Installing 2 Corvair 3000cc 120hp direct drive with Weseman 5th bearings. Weseman billet crankshafts.
2. Custom made carbon fiber props.
3. Unique prop brake system in lieu of constant speed feathering props.
4. Increased wingspan by 40".
5. Installed RV-9 tail.
6. Re-designing nose gear with 4130 tubular gear & urethane dampening (similar to RV-10).
7. Many more mods.

The Twin Jag is a side-by-side 2 seat twin-engine cross country aircraft. It will be IFR capable with dual Dynon Skyview EFIS.
By January 2013, both nacelles complete. Custom motor mounts being fabricated. Riveting right wing extension now, left wing extension riveting to follow. Center console 75% complete. Fabricating nose gear/baggage shelf in next few weeks. All fibreglass work still in rough stages of completion...lots of filling & sanding ahead.

Engines: 2 Corvair 3000cc 120hp
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