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Ikarus S-451MM Matica / S-451MM Stršljen
Ikarus J 451 MM Strsljen
The Ikarus J-451MM Stršljen (“Hornet”) was developed in 1956 as a planned close support variant of the S-451M Zolja and test flown in 1957 by the Aeronautical Testing Centre. The design featured a tricycle undercarriage as opposed to the early tail dragger designs, more powerful Turbomeca Marboré turbojet engines and armament of 2 x 20mm Hispano-Suiza 404A cannons under the fuselage along with underwing rockets.
Ikarus J-451MM Stršljen (“Hornet”)
The J-451MM lead to development of the Ikarus T-451MM Stršljen II (“Hornet II”) single seat jet aerobatic training aircraft of which only one prototype (21002) was manufactured and this can now be seen at the Belgrade Aeronautical Museum. 
Ikarus T-451MM Stršljen II (“Hornet II”)
Another variant was the Ikarus S-451MM Matica (“Queen Bee”) two-seat jet training aircraft which set a world air speed record for its class of 750.34 km/h in 1957.
Ikarus S-451MM Matica two seat jet trainer



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