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Ikarus 452-M

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After World War II, the Yugoslav aviation industry was reorganized with a central institution in charge of research and prototypes, with attached a few plants of lesser importance. This centrally located industry continues the lkarus name which was that of the first Yugoslav aviation company.
The factory of Novi Sad, as other aircraft factories in the country, were completely destroyed during the German occupation. The plant in Zemun was the most quickly rebuilt and it produced the Yugoslav military aircraft.
Among these, the 452M was designed by engineer Dragoljub Beslin, considered the prototype of a ground attack fast jet. The letter M (Mlazni) means jet powered. The 452M was a stubby pod-and-boom configuration with twin tails and a horizontal stabilizer at the end of the booms. The power source consists of two Turboméca Palas 056A turbojet engines arranged one above the other at the rear of the fuselage.
The top engine is fed with two side air inlets on each side of the fuselage, and the lower engine is supplied by entries in the leading edge of the wing root.
The wing is swept and supports two beams with two fins. The stabilizer joins the upper parts of both fins. The retractable tricycle undercarriage comprises two main wheels based on the fuselage and retracting into it. All undercarriage lower forward. Only intended for experimental purposes, the 452M was lightly armed with just 2 x 12.7-mm Browning machine guns.
The aircraft made its first flight on 24 July 1953 which resulted in an engine failure due to a fault in the fuel line and heavy damage to the aircraft upon an emergency landing in a cornfield. The pilot survived but received a fractured skull in the incident.

Future development of the 452M to create an interceptor with a larger fuselage to accommodate a third engine to increase power and upgraded armament of 2 x 20mm cannons never got beyond the drawing board. The experimental jet was an advanced design for the time but was not selected for further development by the Yugoslav Air Force as other jet aircraft options were preferred and the project was cancelled.


Ikarus 452-M-2


Engines: 2 x Turbomeca Palace 056A, 4.0 kN
Wingspan: 5.25 m (17 ft 12 in.)
Length: 5.97 m (19 ft. 7 in.)
Height: 1.77 m (5 ft. 9 in.)
Wing area: 11.20 sq.m
Empty weight: 1220 kg     
Maximum take-off weight: 1680 kg
Max speed (est): 750 km.h. (466 m.p.h)
Min speed (est): 190 km.h. (118 m.p.h)
Cruising speed: 624 km / h
Range: 540 km
Ceiling: 9800 m
Endurance: 75 min.
Crew: 1










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