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Kensgaila RT-4 "The Seagull"



The RT-4 Seagull motorglider was created by Vlado Kensgailos with Silutes ASK.

The M-72 motorcycle engine of 22 hp power spun a 1.7 m diameter propeller. The propeller speed of 2500 rpm, with engine speeds 4800 rpm. Fuel tank - 20 liters, filled the first third of the wingspan, gravity feed into the carburetor.

On the right side, the cockpit door is made with a plexiglass panel. Instruments were compass, vertical speed indicator, altimeter, speed indicator, slip indicator, tachometer and the magneto switch.

The main undercarriage wheels came from a "Vyatka" scooter and the tail wheel of solid rubber.

The motorglider was built in the winter, spring, and summer of 1961 before the first flight.


Engine: M-72, 22 hp
Wingspan: 13.052 m
Fuselage length: 6,23 m
Wing area: 16.13 sq.m
Airfoil: R-III
Empty weight: 280 kg
Flight weight: 380 kg
Speed: 110 km / h.
Take-off speed: 65 km / h
Landing speed: 60 km / h
Takeoff dist: 250 m
Landing dist: 200 m





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