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Fournier RF6

Sportavia production included the RF6, a four-seater that's wood and ply with a 150 or 180 Lycoming, a fiberglass covering and fixed tricycle gear. Like all of Rene Fournier's designs, it has a big bubble canopy. It is a conventional side-by-side design, cross-country, trainer and fully aerobatic, a 200-mph airplane.

Fournier designed a two-seat trainer, the RF6. Then, with an-other "prime d'etat," he constructed a factory in a wood across the runway from his workshop and launched series production of the side-by-side, two-seat aerobatic trainer, which has the very classic appearance and flying qualities typical of his work.

M. Fournier established subsequently Avions Fournier to develop a revised version of his RF-6 Sportsman, designated RF-6B; first flown March 12, 1974.


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