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Fisher Boomerang

Single-seat single-engined high-wing mono-plane with conventional three-axis control, first flown in 1982. Wing has unswept leading and trailing edges, and constant chord; cruciform tail. Pitch control by elevator on tail; yaw control by fin-mounted rudder. Control inputs through stick for pitch/roll and pedals for yaw. Wing braced from below by struts; wing profile; double-surface. Undercar-riage has tall-dragger formation and rigid suspension with 20-inch main wheels. Aluminium-tube framework, without pod. Engine mounted below wing driving tractor prop-eller. Frame: 6061T6 and 2024T3 aluminium. Wing: 2.7 oz Stits Polyfiber.
Like the Barnstormer, the Boomerang monoplane is also intended for home builders, to whom Fisher Flying sell through intermediary Wicks Aircraft in plan form for $65 or as a complete kit for $3720.
The standard aircraft is fitted with a twin-cylinder 340 cc Kawasaki engine of 30 hp with 2.0 reduc-tion which is less frequently used than the TA440 436 cc Kawasaki giving 38.5 hp, which is available as an option. A peculiarity of the Boomerang is that it is available with two different wings - an option is to have an enlarged wing of 32ft (9.75m) span. Wing area is increased in proportion, which allows the aircraft to be used as a two-seater, though it is then included in the experimental aircraft category and no longer qualifies as an ultralight in the USA.
Like Mike Fisher's biplane, the Boomerang was also sold in the form of sub-assembly kits: wing for $1175; fuselage for $585; covering for $425 and motor for $1450, in 1982.

Engine: Kawasaki 340 cc, 30 hp.
Propeller diameter and pitch 54 x 22 inch, 1.37 x 0.56 m.
Reduction ratio 2.0/1.
Power per unit area 0.19 hp/sq.ft, 2.1 hp/sq.m.
Fuel capacity 2.5 US gal, 2.1 Imp gal, 9.5 litre
Optional fuel capacity 5.0 US gal, 4.2 Imp gal, 18.9 litre.
Wing span 28.0 ft, 8.53 m.
Mean chord 5.6 ft, 1.70 m.
Total wing area 156 sq.ft, 14.5 sq.m.
Wing aspect ratio 5.0/1.
Main wheels diameter overall 20 inch, 50 cm.
Empty weight 190 lb, 86 kg.

Engine: Kawasaki, 440cc, 40 hp.
Wingspan, 28 ft.
Wing area, 156 sq.ft.
Empty weight, 190 lbs.
Wing loading, 2.28 lbs/sq.ft.
Fuel capacity, 2.5 USG. (5 gal. opt.).

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