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EMBRAER ERJ 170 / 175




The ERJ-170 was announced in February 1999, and first orders announced on 14 June 1999. First rolled out on 29 October 2001, the first flight was achieved on 19 February 2002. C/n 0002 in Crossair colours was flown on 9 April 2002, by which time the first aircraft had completed 40 hours of test flying. C/n 0003 (first equipped with full Honeywell Pnmus Epic avionics suite) on 25 May 2002; c/n 0004 on 19 June 2002; c/n 0005 on 14 July 2002: and c/n 0006 on 27 July 2002.

It was announced at roll-out that the ERJ prefix was discontinued and that ERJ-190-200 was to be known as the Embraer 195; the intermediate Embraer 175 simultaneously revealed.

The public debut was at the Regional Airline Association convention at Nashville, Tennessee 12 to 15 May 2002, followed by a European debut at Farnborough International Air Show on 22 July 2002, followed by a European demonstration tour comprising 18 flights totalling more than 100 hours.

Six flying aircraft were scheduled to conduct a 1,800 hour flight test programme, culminating in CTA/JAA certification in November 2003.

The original ERJ-170 has 70 seats, the ERJ-175 is five feet longer with 78. Each version of Embraer’s biggest regional jets come in a standard and long range version, plus the company is looking at a variant of the ERJ-170 as a corporate jet.



The Embraer 175 first flew on 14 June 2003, from Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil. The 175 is 70in (1.78m) longer than the 170 but for commonality retains the same cockpit and engines. The fuselage stretch is by means of two plugs to accommodate 78 to 86 passengers; offered in Standard and Long-Range versions.


Embraer 170-200SU


Engines: two 14,000 lb. General Electric CF34-8E
Gross weight: 78,153 lbs
Empty weight: 44,422 lbs
Max cruise: 470 kts
Range: 1,800–2,100 nm
Service ceiling: 37,000 ft
Takeoff field length: 5,499 ft
Landing field length: 399 ft.
Seats: 78









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