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EAA Acro-Sport II




The Acro II, a two-place larger version of the single-place Acro Sport, can be constructed for little more than its single-place brothers. With its larger wheels, wide landing gear and light gross weight, the.Acro II is a fun, docile sport airplane designed for engines ranging in power from 115 to 200 hp. When fitted with a 180-hp Lycoming, its empty weight of 875 pounds. First flown on 9 July 1978, like all Acro Sports, its cockpit is designed to be comfortable for pilots up to 6 ft 6 in and 240 pounds. The airframe is larger than the really “midget” biplanes to avoid “touchy” flight characteristics and allow for more baggage. Designed by Paul Poberezny, the Acro II features an M-6 airfoil with a 43-inch chord.




As with all Acro Sport projects, the fuselage is welded steel tube, wings are spruce and Stits Poly-fiber is used for covering. An excellent aerobatic trainer with responsive controls and docile straight and level flight characteristics. Cruise at 123 mph (180 hp), stall at 53 and max out at 152.




I fly N400GB, an Acro II ser# 573.
Daniel Reed
Aug 2022




 Engine: Lycoming O-360, 180 hp.
HP range: 115-180.
Speed max: 152 mph.
Cruise: 123 mph.
Range: 300 sm.
Stall: 53 mph.
ROC: 1200 fpm.
Take-off dist: 350 ft.
Landing dist: 800 ft.
Service ceiling: 25,000 ft.
Fuel cap: 26 USG.
Weight empty: 875 lbs.
Gross: 1520 lbs.
Height: 6.7 ft.
Length: 18.85 ft.
Wing span: 21.67 ft.
Wing area: 152 sq.ft.
Seats: 2.
Landing gear: tail wheel.

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