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Delta Wing Kites Dream
Air Sports International Dream


Dream 205


The Dream was a 1985 hang glider.
Delta king kites and Gliders was bought by Teddy Mack in 1991 and renamed Air Sports International.
Air Sports manufactured the Dream line of gliders as hang gliders and trike wings in San Diego California from 1991 to 1997.
Dick Boone designed the 220 Dream specifically for tandem. It was the first HMGA certified for same. A very popular single surface trainer. The 220 was the de facto standard tandem glider for many years, a superb single surface glider. Very maneuverable, easy to launch, land and set up.They do have the tendency to drop the nose after landing flare.
A batch of Dreams 220 had an instability problem at low A.O.A. as some were made with less angle on the washout tubes. If the bar is pulled in a lot to speed, at first you feel great pressure but then, all of a sudden, the pressure vanishes and the bar wants to continue by itself. Only a short and healthy push restores the bars preassure. The heavier the pilot the faster you get to this occurrence. It seems that at low A.O.A luff lines and washout make the combined reflex effect and the change in the washout tubes produced this tendency to tuck at low A.O.A.


Delta Wing Dream 145
Delta Wing Dream 165
Delta Wing Dream 185
Sail area: 185 sq ft
Span: 34.4 ft
Nose Angle: 120 degrees
Weight of glider: 55 lbs
Pilot proficiency: Beginner / H-1
Pilot weight range: 140-210 lbs
Stall speed at max load: 28 mph
Max speed at min load: 38 mph
Number of battens, each side: 8 (grand total 17 includes nose batten)
Delta Wing Dream 205
Sail Area: 205 sq. ft.
Glider Weight: 55 lbs.
Pilot Hook-in Weight: 150 - 225 lbs.
Skill Level: Novice
SS/DS: Single Surface
KP/TL: Kingpost
VG: No
Leading Edge Color: Black
Undersurface Color: Orange
Main Body Color: Gold
Delta Wing Dream 220
Delta Wing Dream 240

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