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English 1910 pusher
A design of father and son English who built this design - variously named helicopter, helicopter-monoplane or heliocopter in contemporary reports. Construction took place in guarded secrecy in a shed in Fruitville near Oaklandfrom 1910
The two propellers (today it would be 'rotors') were in the front of the machine, diameter 20 feet, and were of an adjustable type. Power was provided by an engine of 8 cylinders producing 75 hp. The curved planes ('wings') with a total of 800 sq. ft were intended for soaring the machine
The idea was to make a straight ascent by use of the propellers and then travel at will by soaring. The whole construction was extremely expensive at least $ 10.000 were outlaid to build it
In 1906, it was towed through 24th and Harrison streets in Oakland.
Aeronautics Vol. 5 (1909) 1 (July) p.30
The English helicopter met with disaster in a test for lift. It became unfastened from the floor, and the lift testing mechanism in its shed and the helices were wrecked against the rafters. It has never been tried in the open or free flight.

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