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Fiedler 1910 monoplane
Paul Fiedler of Wiener Neustadt made several flights in this neat machine during the summer of 1910. It was originally driven by an Anzani engine, but later with a 40 hp Mercedes. It crashed in December because of engine problems.
Paul Fiedler built his aircraft in Wiener Neustadt, Austria. His second monoplane was built in Autumn 1910 with one of the few 60 hp Mercedes D4F engines that was sponsored by the Princess of Fürstenberg, Fiedlers employer as a teacher. In December 1910 he received his Austrian pilots certificate #19 with this machine at the Steinfeld in Wiener Neustadt.

In early 1911 Fiedler went to Germany to show his new craft and skills to his benefactors - where he had a first big mishap while crossing the upper Lake Constance. His monoplane was badly damaged but rebuilt afterwards.

Fiedler was flying again at the Canstatt meet 6.-8. May 1911.

He finally visited Donaueschingen, the home of the Prince of Fürstenberg on 23. July 1911.

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