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Ellehammer VI / 1910 Monoplane
This machine has sometimes been called “Ellehammer”, and while the aircraft was capable of flight, its performance was rather modest, and as a consequence was nicknamed “graesslaamaskinen” (the grass cutting machine, or “Lawn-mower”) in the newspaper Ekstrabladet. With a six-cylinder Ellehammer radial engine and triangular fuselage shape in typical Ellehammer style, the ribs including the cloth could be pushed inboard along the main spar, which then could be folded along the fuselage. The main spars are still in transverse position in this photograph; believed to have been taken at “Kløvermarken” in 1910. Frederik Moltke was to compete with this machine for the first crossing-flight over the Øresund to Sweden. Unfortunately the airplane was not ready when Robert Svendsen had then already overflew the waters.

Span: 27'9"
Length: 24'7"



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