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Etrich VIII Luft-Limousine / Fluglimousine
Igo Etrich had established the “Aeroplan Bau Gewerbe” in his home town of Trautenau, and at the airfield in Josefstadt - only few kilometres south of Trautenau - developed his new constructions: the Taube-Limousine and Schwalbe.
Etrich Limousine


The Etrich Limousine made its maiden flight on May 7, 1912 at Josefstadt, Austria. It was the first passenger aircraft with a completely enclosed seating cabin. The airplane had very successful flight characteristics and made many flights.

A number of VII & VIII have been sold for military purposes to the Austrian, Russian, German, and other governments.



VIII 1911-12
Engine: 100 hp
Span: 42ft (12.80m)
Wing area: 323sq.ft (30m)
Length: 30ft 9 in (9.30m)
Seats: 2
Number built during 1912: 2
Limousine 1912-13
Engine: 60 h.p Daimler
Span: 31 ft 3in (9.50 m)
Wing area: 280sq.ft (26 m²)
Length: 26 ft 3in (8 m)
Seats: 2
Number built during 1912: 2


Etrich VIII






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