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Flylight Airsports Ltd PeaBee
The idea of designer Ben Ashman was to build a high-performance sub-70kg microlight with comfort and build quality while retaining the performance.
The PeaBee is a roomy, well-padded seat with adjustable pedals, yet can carry carry camping gear, a change of clothes and enough fuel to actually go places. The trike unit can be folded in minutes to fit inside a car, and the machine is light enough to allow the pilot to switch the engine off and soar in good conditions. The trike unit was extensively tested with the Foxcub's 13TL wing and then married to the lighter 13T wing - itself already test flown - when the production versions arrived at Flylight's Sywell factory.
Using the 25hp Corsair M25Y engine and Helix prop, the PeaBee weighs in at 61kg empty, allowing enough fuel to be carried for three or four hours flying while remaining within the sub-70kg category.
Flylight's new PeaBee 'nanolight' trike made its maiden flight in September 2017. The list price was £8,300 + VAT in 2017.

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