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Fizir F1
The Fizir F1V (Физир Ф1В - fizir prvi vojni - first military fizir) was a the basis from which engineer Rudolf Fizir developed a series of single-engined, two-seat, reconnaissance biplanes fitted with different engines. Construction was carried out in the Yugoslav aircraft factories "Zmaj" and "Rogožarski" between 1928 and 1932.

Zmaj built 15 of the Fizir F1V-Wright version and 5 Jupiter-engined Fizir F1M floatplanes for Naval Aviation in 1930. Zmaj was also responsible for conversion of several Fizir-Maybach trainers to Lorraine-Dietrich engines in 1932, which extended the service life of these machines under the new name Fizir-Lorraine 400 hp.
Fizir F1 - Prototype with Maybach MbIVa 260 hp engine, built in 1925
Fizir F1V-Maybach - Maybach MbIVa 260 hp engine (32 units built in ​​1928),
Fizir F1V-Loren - Lorraine-Dietrich 12Eb 450 hp engine,one prototype, conversion of Fizir F1V-Maybach in 1928 + 15 conversions of F1V-Maybach using Lorraine-Dietrich 12dB 400KS engine in 1933
Fizir F1V-Hispano - Hispano-Suiza 12Ga, 450 hp engine, one prototype, conversion of F1V-Maybach in 1928)
Fizir F1V-Wright  - Wright Whirlwind J-5 220, 220 hp engine, (1 prototype + 15 copies in 1930)
Fizir F1M-Jupiter - Navy seaplane (also known as "Big Fizir") with Jupiter IAM 9AD 420,420 hp engine (5 planes built in 1930)


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