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FK Lightplanes SW51 Mustang
Designed by Peter Funk, the SW51 Mustang70% scale version of the P-51, is a of all-composite carbon-fiber/honeycomb construction. The material is stained to look like aluminum.
The SW designation is due to FK-Lightplanes' partnership with ScaleWings, which helped design the airplane. The SW51 took more than 40,000 man-hours to develop.
FK-Lightplanes can produce the airplane in one week and planed to certify the SW51 under the light sport aircraft category.
The European version has retractable gear and a 200 hp motor. The U.S. edition (either S-LSA or Experimental Amateur Built) has fixed gear and prop, and Rotax 912 or 914 power. Powered is by a 100-hp Rotax 912 ULS engine driving a fixed-pitch carbon fiber three-blade DUC propeller, expected cruise was around 150 knots. The airplane is able to withstand aerobatic maneuvers within +8 and -4 G.  
The FK-Lightplanes SW51 took to the skies for the first time in late 2014, and serial number three, which was to be flying under an experimental exhibition airworthiness certificate, was expected to land in the U.S. by the year-end.
Price: $130,000 (2014 estimated).
SW51 Mustang
Engine: Rotax 100 hp – 200 hp V
Wingspan: 7.900 m
Length: 6.889 m
Height: 1.970 m
Empty weight 295 kg
MTOW: 600 kg
MTOW S-LSA: 472.5 kg
Ultimate load 600 kg: +8/ -4 G
Vne: 370 kph
Max speed: 280-350 kph
Seats: 2
Undercarriage: electro-hydraulic retractable
Fuel capacity: 116 lt (2 x 55 lt tanks)



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