Evergreen Aviation Services Stinson Model O Senior Trainer replica



Using a tinson SR5A Reliant as a donor, Evergreen Aviation Services began on the wings.
The flap hardware was removed and each wing was shortened by 24 in  by cutting off the tips, and the lift strut and jury strut mounts were moved inboard by 19in. The inboard ribs were redesigned for the removal of the flaps and to make provision for a new 10ft 6in aileron. They also had a change in profile to blend in with the centre section.

The 7ft wide centre section was built from scratch, considering only two photographs were available for reference. This section has an hour-glass shape and the middle of the trailing edge goes so far forward that it is actually 12in forward of the rear spar. It is made of 4130 steel tubes tubes with some flat steel used for reinforcements.

Based on a photograph of the bare fuselage structure and the udercarriage common with the Reliant, a drawing of the fuselage was computer generated, and then built.

Struts were created based on 20 odd photographs, and aileron cables, fuel lines, pitot and staic lines, electrical and fuel vent lines all go through the struts.

The swivel only tailwheel was modified to lockable. The cowling is from a UC-78 Bobcat, turned 90 degrees, hinginging the top so it woud ‘clam-shell’. They added blisters for cylinder clearance.  

Evergreen designed and built the throttle quadrant, and copied the elevator trim controls from photographs. All of the engine plumbing are copper lines with brass fittings.