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Advanced Aviation Seawolf


A single pusher engine (of many different sizes) cabin class; conventional-tail amphibian flying boat, negative stagger biplane, with conventional three-axis control (differential ailerons); retractable tricycle gear for water operations and outrigger floats for lateral stability on the water; and castering nosewheel and main wheel brakes for steering on land.

Of bolted aluminum tube construction with interbay cable and strut bracing and covered with pre-sewn Dacron envelopes. The Seawolf, has a semi-monocoque hull. Aluminum sheets (2024-T2 alloy) are riveted together with self-sealing pull rivets. All bulkheads and stiffeners are formed aluminum. The cross section is a deep ‘N' and low-porosity foam blocks inside the hull help distribute water loads and give additional flotation. Three sections provide housing for the retractable nosewheel, anchoring for the main structure and gear, and structural support for the tail and tail skid. In the ladder-style wing construction is the internal cable bracing, with 85 percent span ailerons, and a torque-tube control system. The tail group is also Dacron and tube, with fold-down capa-bility for trailering. Control linkage is via stainless steel cable for rudder, and teleflex-type for elevator. The landing gear is a conventional tricycle setup, with retraction via a single lever in the cockpit. Advanced Aviation planned to offer several different engine packages, either air or liquid cooled, in power ratings up to 65.

Horsepower: 35     
Thrust: 250 lb             
Pwr loading; 18.4 lb/hp
Prop: 68 in         
MTOW: 644 lb     
Empty wt: 304 lb
Max pilot wt: 260 lb     
Fuel cap: 5 USG         
Length: 21 ft 3 in
Wing span: 23 ft 6 in     
Wing area: 165 sq.ft
Aspect ratio: 6.93
Wing loading: 3.93 lb/sq.ft
Stall: 24 mph         
Max speed: 63 mph         
Vne: 79 mph         
Vr: 29 mph     
Cruise 75%: 57 mph
Best climb angle:    34 mph         
Best glide: 31 mph         
Cruise 65% power: 52 mph        
Max ROC: 750 fpm @ 38 mph    
Baggage cap: 50 lbs / 20 cu.ft     
Range(30min res)75%: 152 sm
Range(30min res)65%: 157 sm    
Manoeuvre speed: 53 mph     
Land T/O dist: 125 ft             
Water T/O dist: 250 ft     
Ldg dist land: 125 ft             
Ldg dist water: 250 ft



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