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 Ansaldo SVA.5


The 1917 SVA.1 was a single-engine one-seat biplane utility aircraft. The SVA.2 was the production version of the SVA.1.
The SVA.3 was a fast-climbing interceptor version of the SVA.2
A production version of the SVA.2 equipped for reconnaissance was designated SVA.4.
The SVA.5 production version of the SVA.2 was a fighter. Notable for fast reconnaissance flights and record-breaking. The SVA.5 had Warren truss wing bracing, later a characteristic of Fiat biplanes.
Armament was two Vickers machine guns mounted above the fuselage forward of the cockpit on the fighter. The reconnaissance version carried one gun and 220 lb of bombs.
The SVA.5 wings were of wooden construction, with Warren-truss bracing and fabric covering. The flat-sided wooden fuselage was covered with plywood. Conventional control surfaces were fitted, with ailerons on the top wing only.
The fuel capacity was 40 gallons in the fighters, and 75 gallons in the reconnaissance version.
Delivery of the SVA.5 to Italian fighter-training schools began in the Autumn of 1917.
However, it is as a long-range reconnaissance aircraft that it eventually played its major role. Six squadrons and five smaller units received SVA.5s, and the best known being the 87th Squadron, known as ‘La Serenissima’, from Venice, which had the Lion of St.Mark painted on the fuselage of its aircraft. The first operational flights were made in March 1918. Two months later, anSVA.5 made a round trip of 440 miles to photograph the Zeppelin sheds at Friedrichshafen. In August 1918, seven SVA.s, led by a two-seat SVA.9, flew to Vienna and back, a distance of 625 miles, to drop leaflets on the Austrian capitol. On other occasions they dropped bombs.
Altogether 1295 SV.5s were built, including 50 Idro-AM seaplanes.
The SVA.6 was a prototype bomber version of the SVA.2
Engine: S.P.A. 6A, 220 hp
Wingspan: 31 ft
Wing area: 261 sq.ft
Length: 26 ft 8 in
Height: 9 ft 8 in
Empty weight: 1533 lb
MTOW: 2295 lb
Max speed: 136 mph at SL
Service ceiling: 22,000 ft






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