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American Champion Aircraft Aerostar Super 700

Engine: Superior Vantage O-360-A3A2, 180hp
TBO: 2000 hrs
Propeller: Sensenich FP
Prop diameter: 76 in
Landing Gear type: Fixed/Conv.
Max ramp weight: 1800 lb
Max gross weight: 1800lb
Landing weight: 1800lb
Empty weight, std: 1250lb
Useful load, std: 550lb
Useable fuel, std: 35 USG
Payload, full std. fuel: 290 lb
Wingspan: 34.5 ft
Overall length: 22.1 ft
Height: 7.7 ft
Wing area:171.9 sq.ft
Wing loading: 10.5 lbs./sq. ft
Power loading: 10.0 lbs./hp
Wheel size: 8.00 x 6 in
Seating capacity: 2
Cabin doors: 1
Cabin width: 30 in
Cabin height: 47 in
Cruise speed, 80% power: 117 kt
Fuel burn , 80% power: 11 USgph
Best rate of climb, SL: 1350 fpm
Service ceiling: 17,000 ft
Vso: 46 kt
Takeoff ground roll: 370 ft
Takeoff over 50 ft. obstacle: 695 ft
Landing ground roll: 360 ft
Landing over 50 ft. obstacle: 740 ft
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