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A side-by-side two seater, the RA-14 Loisirs was mainly intended for construction by amateur builders and aero clubs, using Adam-supplied parts and components. The RA-14 was also delivered complete.
The RA-14 made the first flight on March 16, 1946 and this aircraft was powered by a 40 hp Train engine. The RA-14 had a fabric covered fuselage and wings and was built in several variants, with engines in the 65-90 hp power range. The type was popular in the immediate post-war years and several dozens were built.



One example of the RA-14S Loisirs was built, featuring a plywood covered fuselage and several other features of the RA-15 model. In 1957 Maranda Aircraft in Canada acquired the marketing rights for the RA-14 and also developed several improved versions. The RA-14 serving as the basis of the AMF S-14. Another homebuilt variant was available from Falconar, also in Canada.
Engine: Continental O-170, 65 hp
Span: 35 ft
Length: 22 ft
Height: 7 ft
Wing Area: 16 sq.m
Empty Weight: 616 lb
Cruise Speed: 75 mph
Gross Weight: 1056 lb
Crew: 2
Range: 280 miles
Max Speed: 87 mph
Ceiling: 4000 m





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