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Abrams Aircraft Corp P-1 Explorer



Explorer - a twin-boom pusher monoplane of 1936, to the design of Talbert Abrams. Encorporated a fully-glazed nose.




Designed by Talbert Abrams and Kenneth Ronan, a prototype, X19897, was constructed by Ronan & Kunzl of Marshall MI. Created as a photo-survey plane with a service ceiling of 21,000', first flown in November 1937, it was repowered with 450hp supercharged Wright in 1938. Only the one was ever built.
Engine: Wright R-975, 330hp
Wingspan: 36'0"
Length: 26'6"
Useful load: 1410 lb
Max speed: 185 mph
Cruise: 165 mph
Stall: 66 mph
Range: 1400 mi
Engine: Wright, 450hp
Wingspan: 36'0"
Length: 26'6"
Max speed: 200 mph
Cruise: 185 mph
Stall: 66 mph






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