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Aachen FVA 8 “MS II”



The "MS II" was designed by Hermann Mayer using the principle of achieving good performance as simple as possible:
"She has done outstanding work in various slopes and cross-country flights under the leadership of the designer, especially the maneuverability and the quiet location of the engine in the air are surprisingly good, as evidenced by the long, rectangular body, the large rudder and the generously dimensioned ailerons can be explained.
From last year's machine (“MI") of the hull, rudder and mitigating have been adopted. The wing could at the wide span of 20m from running rectangular, but the outer wing take outwardly from a straight line. The wing is with torsion plywood nose and auxiliary spar.”
Flugsport 1930, Nr. 17
Completed 1930, it was designed based on the principle of the "M 1" with some improvements, in particular, the wingspan was increased to 20m.
Just as with the FVA-7, the assignment of project name FVA-8 is not sure.
Empty weight 182 kg
Wing area 20 m
Length 8.5m
Aspect ratio l: 20




Aerophysics VZ-7

Curtiss-Wright VZ-7, a flying jeep, 1958

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