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Aachen FVA 6




After re-authorization of powered flight, in 1926 Ilse and Theodor Kober designed the FVA-6, a two-seater biplane. The FVA-6 was a biplane had two seats in tadem, and was powered by an English ABC engine with 30hp. The FVA-6 was built in the workshop of the former “Aachener Segelflugzeugbau GmbH”, which was acquired by Junkers.

For the test-flying the FVA-6 Ludwig Pfitzner had been chosen. He was one of the few new FVA - generation and just made his pilot's license.

The two-seater biplane was completed before the end of 1926 and has done test flights to Dusseldorf - Lohausen because Aachen was still occupied by the Belgians. The FVA-6 totally destroyed during the first flight when entering Dusseldorf. The designers of the FVA-6 were no longer in Aachen, as the aircraft was completed. The new students who could fly hardly knew what to do with a new untried design.







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