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The Exel is a single-seater designed by Claude Noin to offer more performance than the Sirius. It is available as a fast-build kit or ready to fly, and uses composite materials only.

Alpaero pre-manufacture Exel sub-assemblies in their facilities at Gap-Tallard. The most difficult parts, requiring the use of composite materials, large molds, special tools or skills, are all pre-manufactured. The wings can be built easily with traditional wood and fabric techniques, and all other fabrications can be accomplished by the average builder.

The Exel is a very simple motorglider concept with no retractable engine or propeller but with enough soaring performance to fly long distances. The Exel is a light motorglider, and complies with the FAI international requirements for ultralight aircraft. It is marketed as a fast-build kit (around 300 hours), or ready to fly.

The Exel is designed as a small single-place powered sailplane, and uses a "pod and boom" concept with a pusher engine installation, driving an automatic folding propeller. It uses a modern laminar airfoil and a light 2-stroke engine. The pilot enjoys a comfortable reclined position and a perfect visibility inside a roomy cockpit. This motorglider is focused on strength, economy, and performance in thermals, for true recreational soaring. The design is uncomplicated, but incorporates the modern design advantages, like automatic control connections, ballistic rescue parachute and low maintenance thanks to the composite materials.

The landing gear is a fixed monowheel and the tailwheel is integrated into the rudder, making turns easy on the ground. The aircraft can be launched and landed on rough fields. The canopy is a simple and economical flat-wrapped screen. A rescue parachute can be easily installed inside the fuselage.

After testing various powerplants the JPX D-330 two-cylinders engine is used. The JPX D-330 is a flat twin opposed construction, and delivers 20 hp with muffler, electric start and CDI and a TBO (Time Between Overhaul) of 500 hours.

During Summer 2006 an Exel based on the single-cylinder Hirth F-33 was developed. This engine is more powerful (28 hp), and enables more performance in motorized flight (especially climb speed) as well as power-off, thanks to the lower drag of the engine cowling.

The fuselage is molded in two halves of fibreglass/epoxy, with plywood bulkheads. Carbon spar caps and fibreglass wing skins. Lexan/polycarbonate canopy with carbon fibre frame. Fabric-covered rudder.

Flying controls are: pitch control by a conventional elevator, actuated by teleflex. Combined flaps/ailerons (flaperons) for roll control and speed adjustment, with three positions as flaps : -5°, 0°, +5°. Conventional rudder actuated by cables. Airbrakes on upper surface wing. Standard control system (stick and pedals).

The landing gear is monowheel type, fixed. Tail wheel integrated into the rudder for directional control on ground. Small wheels under each wing tip. Drum brake.
A ballistic parachute recovery system (optional).

Engine :
- One 14.91 kw (20 hp) JPX D-330 engine with 2.38:1 reduction gear driving a foldable carbon fibre 2-blade propeller at 6,500 rpm. Fuel capacity 19 litres (5.02 US gallons, 4.18 Imp gallons).
- or One 20,90 kw (28 ch) Hirth F-33 BS engine driving a foldable carbon fibre 2-blade propeller. Fuel capacity 19 litres (5.02 US gallons, 4.18 Imp gallons).
Wing span: 13.74 m (45.1 ft)
Length overall: 5.90 m (19.3 ft)
Propeller diameter: 1.28 m (4.2 ft)
Wing area: 11.62 sq.m (125.1 sq ft)
Aspect ratio: 16.2:1
Weight empty: 190 kg (432 lb)
Max T-O weight: 310 kg (683 lb)
Max wing loading: 26.67 kg/m2 (5.46 lb/sq ft)
Cruising speed at 75% power: 120 km/h ( 65 kt, 75 mph)
Max speed: 180 km/h ( 97 kt, 112 mph)
Stalling speed: 64 km/h ( 34 kt, 39 mph)
Max rate of climb: 2.2 m/s (434 ft/mn)
Endurance: 3 hours
T-O run: 150 m (492 ft)
Landing run: 140 m (459 ft)
Best glide ratio: 30:1
Min rate of sink: 0.75 m/s (148 ft/mn)
G limits (operational): + 4.4 / -2.2 G
Seats: one pilot


Noin Aeronautiques Exel
Engine: König 430, 24 hp
Wing span: 12.45 m
Wing area: 10.90 sq.m
MAUW: 290 kg
Empty weight: 165 kg
Fuel capacity: 38 lt
Max speed: 180 kph
Cruise speed: 120 kph
Minimum speed: 55 kph
Climb rate: 3 m/s
Seats: 2
Fuel consumption: 5 lt/hr
Price (1998): 1 744 870 Fttc
Kit price (1998): 55 000 Fttc






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