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In 1984, Claude Noin created a single-place motorglider powered by a light two-stroke engine : the Sirius. Twenty-two kits were delivered to customers, mainly in France. The Sirius used composite materials for the fuselage, and wood and fabric for the wing, and was powered by a light two-stroke engine, driving a two-blade propeller.
The first prototype flew in August 1984. It used a tube, wood and fabric structure and a 11 m wing.

The production types have a composite fuselage and a longer wing. The design focused on economy and performance at low speeds, features a high wing, a fixed engine and propeller and a fixed gear, with conventional control system with stick and pedals. Pitch control by elevator, including a trim tab, actuated by cables. Ailerons for roll control. DSF Spoilers / Airbrakes on upper surface wing.

The fuselage is molded in two halves of fibreglass/epoxy, with plywood bulkheads and a Lexan/polycarbonate one-piece removable canopy. With a fabric-covered rudder, the composites wing structure has wooden main spar and glass fibre/epoxy stiffened Styrofoam ribs. The leading edge made of hot wire cut foam laminated with glass fibre and epoxy resin. Wings are covered with heat-shrink fabric.

The landing gear is fixed with the main wheel at the C of G location, with drum brakes. Equipped with a nose wheel and small wheels under the tail and under each wing tip.



Noin Aeronautiques Sirius C


Engine: one Koenig 3-cylinders (24 hp)

Sirius C
Engine: One JPX-D-320 (18 hp)
Prop: fixed 2-blade
Fuel capacity 19 litres
Wing span: 13.4 m
Length overall: 5.90 m
Wing area: 14.30 sq.m
Weight empty: 142 kg
Max T-O weight: 270 kg
Max speed: 130 km/h
Stalling speed: 48 km/h
Max rate of climb: 2 m/s (394 ft/mn)
Best glide ratio: 23:1
Min rate of sink: 0.90 m/s
G limits: + 4.4 / -2.2 G
Seats: 1


Noin Aeronautiques Sirius C
Engine: König 430, 24 hp
Wing span: 13.48 m
Wing area: 13.40 sq.m
MAUW: 270 kg
Empty weight: 150 kg
Fuel capacity: 29 lt
Max speed: 130 kph
Cruise speed: 90 kph
Minimum speed: 48 kph
Climb rate: 2 m/s
Seats: 1
Fuel consumption: 5 lt/hr
Plan price (1998): 1929 Fttc
Kit price (1998): 27 386 Fttc





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