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Aerial Distributors Distributor Wing DW-1

The 1965 Distributor Wing DW-1 was a single place agricultural aircraft with two stacked Lycomings; a 350hp IGO-540 for flight and a 108hp O-235 driving an axial-flow faninternally-mounted spray system.
First flown on 30 January 1965, the plane climbed at 350fpm at gross weight of 5,200 lb with just the O-540; the O-235 powered the spray system and provided thrust augmentation.
The Guide vanes in the wings increased flap effectiveness. Air flows into a hydraulically-run metering gate feeding material from the hopper, through wing ducts and out variable wing slots. The hopper was a drop-in unit, and fuel was in leading-edge tanks.
Engine: Lycoming IGO-540, 350hp
Wingspan: 43'10"
Length: 28'4"
Cruise: 70-150 mph
Stall: 74 mph





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