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Allied Aviation Corp. XLRA-1


During 1942 the US Navy let contracts for the development of several amphibious transport gliders. Two of the contracts called for twelve-seaters manufactured primarily from non-strategic materials, these being the Allied XLRA-1 and the Bristol XLRQ-1.

The Allied XLRA-1 was a low-wing cantilever monoplane constructed mainly of moulded plastic plywood and carrying two crew members seated in tandem, and ten troops. A jettisonable undercarriage was fitted this comprising a single twin-wheel main member, a small tailwheel, and two small stabilising wheels attached at approximately quarter-span, and it was intended that the glider would be towed by standard naval aircraft Two prototypes were built (BuAer Nos. 11647 and 11648), and one hundred production LRA-Is (BuAer Nos. 31403-502) were ordered, but none of these had been completed when the U.S. Navy cancelled its glider programme. The LRA-2 was a proposed version with a conventional undercarriage.

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