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Akaflieg Berlin B-13


The B 13  is a two-seater epoxy-carbon-resin electric motor glider with the seats positioned side-by-side. The wing span is 23.2 m and the measured glide-ratio (Idaflieg-summer-meeting 1992) is 46.5. The wing profile is a modified flap-HQ-41-profile. Developed in the eighties, the B 13 had its successful maiden flight in 1991 at Strausberg near Berlin. The innovative brushless linear induction motor of the B 13 is powered by energy from renewable sources using fuel cells and solar technology.

Wing span: 23.2m                
Wing area: 18.95sq.m
Empty Weight: 590kg                
Gross Weight: 800kg
Wing Load: 42.2kg/sq.m            
No. of Seats: 2
No. Built: 1                
Aspect ratio: 28.4
Airfoil: HQ 41/ 14,35            
Structure: GFRP



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