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Airwave Gliders Macro



The Macro is Airwave´s aerobatic glider and it is based on the Magic3 XS.

The wing has been developed with the cooperation of Stefan Hodek who flies aerobatics for Airwave in Germany. The Macro is optimised for aerobatic manouvres and is particularly good at Helicopters and SATs. The Macro is load tested to 18g the; same as the other sizes of the Magic3.

Projected area: 19,78 Sq m
Flat area: 22,66 Sq m
Weight excl bag: 6,3 kg
Total line length: 337 m
Height: 7,2 m
Number of main lines: 3/4/3/2
Cells: 117/71
Flat aspect ratio: 6,03
Root cord: 2,44 m
Weight range: 50-75 kg
Trim speed: 37 Km/h
Top speed: 55 Km/h
Min sink: 1,0 m/sec
Best glide: 9,1
Certification: Load Test



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