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Airwave Gliders Combi



Airwaves’ tandem Combi glider bridges the gap between high performance tandems and tandems which are easy to handle, and with the performance needed for good cross-country flights. DHV awarded the Combi a DHV 1 for the launch test (with trimmers released). The landing allows the pilot to slow down enough so that even in light tailwind conditions the pilot and passenger can achieve a stand-up landing.

The Combi has a combination of a new aerodynamic profile and an effective brake line distribution allowing the pilot to achieve unusually slow landing speeds and a remarkable energy conversion for super soft landings.

The turn co-ordination allows the Combi to outclimb many solo gliders and the trimmers with their gearing ratio allow easy trim application and lower brake pressure particularly with the trimmers on.

To reduce trimmer wear, the Combi uses a 2-1 reduction which halves the load. This avoids slipping and makes the trimmer easier to pull. The trimmer it self is replaceable and every Combi is delivered with a spare pair.

Due to the internal diagonal system the Combi has a total line length of just 440 meters.

The leading edge of the Combi is fully open in the center to promote fast inflation.The tips are fully closed as is conventional in paragliders, but between these two areas is a zone of transition of partially closed cells.This detail is not only the logical transition zone between the two extremes but also produces a cleaner leading edge.

Projected area: 34,51 Sq m
Flat area: 39,70 Sq m
Weight excl bag: 9,5 kg
Total line length: 564 m
Height: 9,25 m
Number of main lines: 3/4/3/2
Cells: 60/46
Flat aspect ratio: 4,98
Projected aspect ratio: 3,84
Root cord: 3,48 m
Flat span: 14,07 m
Projected span: 11,52 m
Weight range: 120-200 kg
Trim speed: 40 Km/h
Top speed: 45 Km/h
Min sink: 1,2 m/sec
Best glide: 8,3
Certification: DHV 1-2



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