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Airwave Gliders Bi-Boo



The Bi-Boo tandem wing features the hybrid sail, short risers for easy access to lines in the air, and trimmers as standard.

Projected area: 36,63 Sq m
Flat area: 42,47 Sq m
Weight excl bag: 9,0 kg
Total line length: 432 m
Height: 9,8 m
Number of main lines: 3/4/3/2
Cells: 66/42
Flat aspect ratio: 4,94
Projected aspect ratio: 3,56
Root cord: 3,60 m
Flat span: 14,48 m
Projected span: 11,42 m
Weight range: 140-220 kg
Trim speed: 40 Km/h
Top speed: 45 Km/h
Min sink: 1,2 m/sec
Best glide: 8,5
Certification: DHV 1-2



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