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Airwave Gliders Extreme / Xtreme

Hang glider new in 1998, the Extreme was designed in the USA by Mark Gibson. The production of the Xtrem started 1.5 year before Airwave UK shut down. Only about 40 were produced mostly shipped to the US, Brazil, Japan and some in France.
The Xtreme has battens 27 (6 under), the airframe material is 7075-T6 / carbon fibre, and the price was £3999 inc VAT.


This glider lacks in sink rate at low speed except in tight turn. It has a tendency to yaw and has a wide flare window. Its newer version, called the Xbow, was certified 4 months before the factury shutdown.
Extreme 138
Wing area: 12.82 sq.m
Certification: BHPA / DHV
Pilot weight: 64-95 kg
Wing span: 9.77 m
Nose Angle: 130 deg
Aspect ratio: 7.43
Extreme 150
Wing area: 13.83 sq.m
Certification: BHPA / DHV
Pilot weight: 68/114 kg
Wing span: 10.26 m
Nose Angle: 132 deg
Aspect ratio: 7.53
Flying weight: 34 kg
Packed length: 5.85 m
Double surface: 92 %
Price (1998) £ 3,999

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