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Airwave Gliders Calypso

The Airwave Calypso hang glider.first appeared in 1987 as a totally new intermediate double surface glider which was been designed for pilots who want an excellent sink rate plus handling attributes like easy roll, slow landings and a forgiving nature.. Sink rate goes up fast with speed, so it's easy to burn off height in the landing field. A bit lazy to turn, but stable for it. A great 1st glider even for heavy pilots, very forgiving, easy to fly and land.


Short pack by simply pulling the plastic ball off and forwards quite hard off the end of the wing spar. Then slide out the 2m length of spar. Reassemble by locating the dive strut in its hole and then the peg/ notch for the spar.

The 1991 Calypso 2 was for intermediate pilots. A good glider, quite forgiving in bumpy air and for landings.
Wing area: 15.8 sq.m
Certification: BHPA / USHGA
Pilot weight: 55-105 kg
Wing span: 9.3 m
Nose Angle: 122 deg
Aspect ratio: 5.5
Price (1998) £ 2343
Calypso 2
Wing area: 15.8 m²
Wing span: 9.3 m
Aspect ratio: 5.5
Hang glider weight: 25 kg
Minimum pilot weight: 57 kg
Maximum pilot weight: 95 kg
Minimum speed: 25 km/h
Max glide ratio (L/H): 8
Max glide ratio speed: 29 km/h
Minimum sink rate: 1 m/s
Packed length: 5.4 m
Packed length short: 3.7 m
Number of battens: 18
Nose angle: 122°




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