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Airwave Gliders Tandem




The Tandem is a two-seater paraglider for recreational and professional use. A whole new wing with new line layout to increase the number of suspended ribs and swept back tips for improved launch characteristics and a slightly higher aspect ratio than its predecessor to up the performance. The leading edge is loaded at more individual points than normal when forward launching ensuring a smooth, regular inflation.

The Tandem is certified with a 130 - 220 kg weight range and a trimmer system allows the pilot to adjust the handling and speed according to its payload. Professional Tandem pilots need no longer have two wings to cover all their passengers.



Linear scaling factor: 1
Projected area: 35,81 sq.m
Flat area: 41,45 sq.m
Weight excl bag: 9 kg
Total line length:506 m
Height:9,18 m
Number of main lines: 3/4/3
Cells: 75/53
Flat aspect ratio: 5,3
Projected aspect ratio: 3,98
Root cord: 3,43 m
Flat span: 14,82 m
Projected span: 11,94 m
Weight range: 130-220 kg
Trim speed: 40-45 Km/h
Top speed: 52 Km/h
Min sink: 1,1 m/sec
Best glide: 8,5
Certification: DHV 1-2 / LTF 1-2 / EN -B



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