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Airframes Unlimited Basic 2 seat


The Basic 2-seater was designed to fly 2 people in style with a 50 horsepower Rotax 503 engine, for a price of under $8300.00

For 2010 the Basic 2-seater came with a Rotax gearbox instead of the previous belt drive. The Basic 2-seater will lift a 450 pound payload on a standard density altitude day and airframes may be painted red, blue, black, white, or green.

The price for a ready-to-fly Basic 2-seater in 2009 was $8295.00 fully assembled and ready to fly.

Instrumentation is not included on the Basic 2-seater but is offered as an option. The Basic 2-seater comes with rigid suspension, an all steel airframe, welded by professional aircraft welders, tundra Tire/ Azusa plated wheels on the mains (rear) / Azusa plated wheel/400x6 rib tire on the front, 500' canopy complete with high quality storage bag and line sox, new 72" three blade ground adjustable Ivoprop, and standard lowback seats.

Basic 2-seater options include:
Poly race car seats;
Landing light / strobe light package (includes rectifier/regulator);
Analog Engine monitoring system; and
7.5 gallon fuel tank.

Basic 2-seater
Airspeed: 28-33 mph
Gross Weight:695 lbs
Take off Distance: 75-150 ft
Landing Distance: 50-75ft
Maximum Payload: 450+ lb
Rate of Climb: 400-800 fpm
Sink Rate: 9 ft/sec


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