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Admiralty Air Department Seaplane Type 1000


Designed by Harris Booth as a torpedo bomber in 1914, the A.D. Seaplane 1000 was a floatplane of wire braced, fabric covered wood construction. An unequal span biplane, the central glazed nacelle housed aa engine and pusher propellor. Two tractor engines were mounted in the booms.

The undercarriage was two main floats and two smaller rear floats.

The outer wing panels had dihedral and were separated on each side by two sets of interplane struts. Overhanging ailerons, on the outboard trailing edges of the upper wing, were supported by kingposts and cables.

Seven were ordered from J. Samuel White, but only one was completed. With poor performance further development was abandoned but the sinle type 1000 survived until 1916.

AD Type 1000 Seaplane
Engine:    3 x Sunbeam Vee, 310 hp / 231vkW
Wingspan: 115 ft / 35.05 m
Crew: 5


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