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The FAA type certified (Utility/Normal and IFR TC TA5CH) Alarus is of all metal, semi-monocoque stressed skin construction with internal ribs, longerons, and bulkheads distribute the loads. It is simple, tough and easy to inspect and repair. The landing gear system containing a 65 lb piece of metal extending from one wheel to the other to absorb hard landings. New wheel axles are used, similar to other certified aircraft.

The nose gear system is a simple self-centering super tough bungee system and direct nose wheel steering is fitted. At the rear of the fuselage, an aluminum tailskid is attached. The tailskid is mounted on rubber dampeners.

Two different sizes of rudder are available for the 2000, the larger rudder, (used on the "spin certified option") and a smaller standard sized rudder. Large and responsive flight surface controls make landings in cross winds of up to 25 knots possible.

The Lycoming 0235-N2C powerplant engine is standard including the Sensenich propeller, carburetor air intake filter, muffler system etc.

The cockpit area is manufactured out of Carbon Fiber with molded windshield and side windows. The butterfly (gull) doors open to a cabin of about 46 inches wide. The seats use NASA type Tetra foam, designed for 26g load absorption, and covered with micro porous grey leather-like fabric. The centre section of the seat belts are fastened to the main wing spar and the roll-over-protection tube between the seats. The AmSafe airbag seat belt system is standard equipment on the 2006 model.

For applications that does not require certification (military), the aircraft has been expanded to include a larger Lycoming engine up to 180-200 HP, and increased gross weight to 2,200 lbs. This aircraft is called the SAMA CH2000.

Alarus CH2000
Engine: Lycoming 0235-N2C, 116 hp
Propeller: Sensenich
Gross weight: 1,692 lb
Best climb speed: 63 kt
Rate of climb: 800+ fpm
Cruise: 95-100 kt
Approach speed: 60 kt

Engine: Lycoming O-360, 180-hp
Propeller: fixed-pitch Sensenich 76-EM8-0-63 metal
Gross Weight: 2,200 lb
Empty weight: 1,200 lb
Max level speed: 157 mph / 251 km/h
Cruise speed (75% power @ 7,000 ft) : 150 mph / 240 km/h
Stall speed (flaps down): 47 mph / 76 km/h
Stall speed (flaps up): 58 mph / 93 km/h
Rate of climb: 950 fpm / 4.8 m/s
Service ceiling: 12,800 ft / 3,900 m
Endurance (standard): 3 hrs 45 min
Range (standard): 510 miles / 820 km
Take-off roll: 990 ft / 300 m
Landing roll: 1,150 ft / 350 m



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