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Aircraft Spruce is a prime supplier of materials & components used in the Stallion kits utilising the same landing gear and basic wing as the Lancair IV.

The Stallion will carry 6 people and or/cargo (1,600 lb useful load) over a long distance, with a cruise speed of 200+ knots at 9,000 feet, the Stallion burns 13.8 gph of fuel for 16.7 miles/gallon, with 180 gallons. For loading, a large 74 inch by 36 inch removable panel is located on the right side. Normal access is achieved from the left side, clamshell door. The pilots seat is moved forward to allow easy access to the back seats and it is moved back to allow access to the pilot and copilot seat. The top of the left door hinges up to allow taxing with the left door open and the bottom door hinges down and provides a step for both the back and front seats.

All seats are attached with quick release pins and can be removed in seconds for carrying cargo. Some of the other features of the high wing include reduced aerodynamic drag compared to low and mid wing aircraft and gravity fuel feed.

Engine: Continental IO-550-G, 230 hp
HP range: 180-350
Speed max: 260 mph
Cruise: 237 mph
Range: 2600 sm
Stall: 67 mph
ROC: 1600 fpm
Take-off dist: 1200 ft
Landing dist: 700 ft
Service ceiling: 28,000 ft
Fuel cap: 180 USG
Weight empty: 2200 lb
Gross: 3800 lb
Height: 9 ft
Length: 25 ft
Wing span: 35 ft
Wing area: 190 sq.ft
Seats: 6
Landing gear: nose wheel

Engine: IO-550-G, 300 hp @ 2700 rpm.
Propeller: McCauley or Hartzell, 3 bladed, constant speed.
HP range: 180-350.
Wing area: 140 sq.ft
Seats: 6
Cockpit width: 49 inch
Landing gear: nose / retractable
Gross landing weight: 3,800 lb
Empty weight: 2,200 lb
Payload: 1,100 lb
Fuel Capacity: 180 USG
Span: 35.00 ft
Flaps: Full Slotted
Length: 25.0 ft
Height: 9.50 ft
Cabin width: 49.00 inch
Stall speed, with flaps: 62 kts/71 mph
High speed cruise @ 2500 rpm: 200 kts/235 mph
Maximum speed @ 2700 rpm: 220 kts/253 mph
Rate of climb: 1,600+ fpm
Take off roll (with 10 deg. flaps): 1,800 ft
Range: 2,200 nautical miles


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