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It was decided to build and aircraft that was very much like the Bumblebee, but constructed using as much in the way of standard ultralight parts and over-the-counter gyroplane components as possible. The result was the Gyrobee, which first took to the air in June of 1990 and debuted in the pages of Rotorcraft magazine in the October-November 1990 issue.

The Gyrobee had a low-rotor disc loading as its core concept, which allows it more decent performance on 40 hp, and the designer planned for a 215-pound pilot. A single seat open frame autogyro with the frame bolted together, the engine used is the 40 hp Rotax 447, Prop: 60” x 38” 2 blade laminated maple (LEAF), and Rotordyne 25’ x 7 3/8” bonded aluminium rotor blades.

The Gyrobee is a non-commercial model whose plans were available for free download on the Internet at, consisting of 126 pages of text and drawings.

Aerotec, Inc. is a separate company that sets airframe kits and engines based on the Gyrobee plans.

Engine: Rotax 447, 40 hp
Prop: 60” x 38” 2 blade laminated maple (LEAF)
Rotor blades: Rotordyne 25’ x 7 3/8” bonded aluminium
Width: 7’8”
Height: 8’
Length: 12’
Empty wt: 246 lb
Useful load: 250 lb
Gross wt: 496 lb
Take-off Run: 600-800 ft
Minimum Level Flying Speed: 8-9 mph
Best Climb Airspeed: 35 mph
Cruise Airspeed: 45-50 mph
Maximum Level Flight Airspeed: 60 mph
Maximum Rate-of-climb: 750 fpm
Endurance: 60 min (10 min. reserve)
Flight Range: 45-50 miles (no wind, 10 min. reserve)


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