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Air Command International Commander Elite Side-by-Side


A two-seat, partially enclosed autogyro with options including an enclosure giving 10-15 mph higher cruise speed. Engine options include: 67 hp Rotax 582, 100-120 hp Arrow 1000cc. A Patrol version was available fully equipped with options. Prop: Warp Drive 60” or 68”. Rotor blades: 25’ x 8” Sky Wheels composite.

Similar engines produce different results in the two-seater Commanders. Tandems reach speeds up to 120 mph with a 160-hp engine or 110 mph with a 110-hp Hirth F-30, while the side-by-side can get up to only 85 mph with the F-30.

The kit price in 2001 for the Side-By-Side with the F-30 was $19,292, and without engine: $11,580.

Elite 532
Engine: Rotax 532
Empty weight: 310 lb
Max weight: 750 lb
Rotor dia: 25ft
Max speed: 75 mph
Cruise: 45 mph
Vne: 150 mph
Seats: 2.

Elite 582
Engine: Rotax 582
Width: 5’7”
Height: 7’
Length: 10’8”
Empty weight: 310 lb
Useful load: 440 lb
Gross wt: 750 lb
Min speed: 20 mph
Cruise: 55 mph
Top speed: 75 mph

Engines: Hirth F-30 (110 hp), Subaru 130 hp
Propeller: Warp Drive 68"
Rotor Blades: 29' Dragon Wing, Sky Wheels
Width: 5'7"
Height: 7'
Length: 10'8"
Empty Weight: 310 lb
Useful Load: 440 lb
Gross Weight: 750 lb
Min Speed 20 mph
Cruise 65mph
Top Speed 85 mph


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