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Ackland, Jeffery Legend




After finishing the Star*Kraft, Jeff Ackland went on to design and build the Legend. Martin Hollmann helped Ackland at the beginning of the design. First flown in June 1996, the aircraft is designed for aerobatics at full gross weight. After a successful debut at Oshkosh 1996, Performance aircraft announced kit production.

The prototype two-seat tandem Legend was powered by a 575 hp, 620 Chevy based aluminium V-8 engine using a Geschwender chain drive propeller speed reduction unit turning a three blade, constant speed Hartzell prop. Jeff Ackland claims the airframe can go up to 1000hp.

Construction is with vacuum-bagged prepreg carbon fibre composites with honeycomb cores. A wide stance retractable tricycle undercarriage and laminar flow wing with electrically actuated slotted Fowler flaps allow more manageable landings. Ackland claims an honest 2500 hrs is required to build the legend. An extended wing became an option.

The kit price in 1996 was US$78,500, not including engine, prop, PSRU, instruments, avionics, paint  or upholstery. Total build cost was estimated to be US$150,000.



Engine: Chevrolet 620ci, 575 hp
Cruise: 400 mph
Vne: 500 mph
Empty weight: 2100 lb
MAUW: 3000 lb
Useful load: 1000 lb
Cockpit width: 30 in

Engine: Chev 541 ci, 600 hp
Hp range: 400-1000
Wingspan (extended wing): 28.5 ft
Wing area: 100 sq.ft
Length: 25 ft
Height: 8.7 ft
Empty wt: 2000 lb
MAUW: 3000 lb
Fuel cap: 125 USG
Top speed: 376 mph
Cruise: 362 mph
Range: 1500 sm
Rate of climb: 5500 fpm
TO dist: 800 ft
Ldg dist: 1000 ft

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