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Airborne Windsports Shark


The Shark first appeared in 1996. A kingpostless design the Shark's speed and handling improved without compromising proven strength and dive recovery.
The Shark (rated Int/Adv) gives solid stability at speed, tight wires (in all VG settings) for safer launching, light to pull VG, sprung battens for a clean trailing edge, a 7 minute rigging (both flat or up), a 7075 airframe with 7075 battens, USHGMA certification and optional folding speedbar.
VB is cam type so the wing wires always remain tight which is fantastic for ground handling and confident take offs. This glider is easy in turns and to land. Both responsive and stable in bumpy air, it makes it a good glider for aero towing or difficult/small conditions.
The Shark 156 wing was large but remained very manageable and the performance was there. Very stable in turbulent conditions. It's a well made glider and lovely to fly. It can be thermalled even with the VB fully pulled on, so not the tightest highest performing sail, but the compromise is inspirational.
The Airborne's shark is not being produced anymore.





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