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Aerotrike Scout


Replacing the Safari, the Aerotrike Scout is certified by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Primarily of steel construction the Aerotrike Scout is available as a kit, including the 'kinked' pylon, and new rear suspension. The Scout features front wheel 'trailing link' suspension and rear wheel suspension through non-degrading poly-urethane. The folding pylon allows rigging and de-rigging without removing the fuel tank and seats - just one safety clip and bolt.

The engine mounting has vibration absorbing mounting rubbers and large side luggage bags cover a 55 litre (13 US gal) fuel tank. Individual bucket seats with backreasts and lap restrainers are standard.

Standard configuration includes a Rotax 503 DCDI Engine with Dual Ignition and Twin Carbs (52 HP), "B" Series Gearbox (reduction 2,58:1), 2-bladed propeller, 55-litre (14 US gal) fuel tank, side luggage bags, rear wheel pants, and small instrument panel (no instruments).

Empty Weight (trike and engine only - no wing): 107 kg / 235 lbs
Typical Useful Load (Pilot, Passenger, Fuel & Gear): 290 kg / 640 lbs
MTOW: 450 kg / 990 lbs    
Design Loads: +6g -3g


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